RWBY: Into Shadows

The Grimm hordes ever encroach upon the kingdoms of Remnant, and it falls to academies such as Beacon to train the defenders of the realms.
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 Rohan òr-Mheas

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Character Info

Name: Rohan òr-Mheas

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Age: 21

Personality: Rohan is an... Odd combination, of sorts. Equal parts laid back and stern, and a very hands on individual. During the day, when he's out in the open and living life as a normal person; Rohan is... Well, he really tries to be, an all around good person, if a bit sarcastic when asked a question that he deems requires such an answer. He will, on occurrence, go out of his way to help people; though he won't necessarily be kind about it when doing so. When night rolls around, though, the partially nice guy that most people know to be Rohan during the day, that part of him almost completely fades into non-existence. The second the sun drops below the horizon, Rohan becomes this volatile, ill-tempered, confrontational, some what of a rage-driven man. Basically, Rohan can really be himself during the night, really let go. To put it simply, an O.K. guy during the day. Not so O.K. guy during the night.

Appearance: Height of about 6ft 3in (1.9050m). Eyes a bit of an Orange-Green mix in color. Rohan's complexion is lightly tanned, with it being just a bit lighter on his arms than it is on his face. His facial structure is of a strong built, and with a stern look about him, a family trait shared with with his younger brothers. There's a long scar running along Rohan's right cheek. Also out of his brothers, Rohan's hair is the longest; kind of a blue/black in color, and kept in numerous, thick dreadlocks that hang freely around his head. Ironically enough, Rohan's musculature isn't the largest of his brothers; his build is closer to that of a light-heavyweight boxer, very lean, and not much fat.

Representation: Dal Traven, The Shadow Riders.

Color: Vermilion.

Semblance: Rohan shares something of a family blood-line semblance. Like his younger brothers, Rohan has a more than adequate Aura, both strength and level-reserve wise. Also like his younger brothers, Rohan has a genetic ability to focus his Aura into his vocal chords. Unlike his siblings, however, Rohan has trained himself further in its use. Instead of barking out short shouts of wave-like, concussive force; Rohan can utilise his Aura and let out a longer, louder, much more impactful yell. When in use, Rohan can keep his Aura yelling up for a maximum of 10 to 15 seconds, with a cool down time of about a minute to a minute and a half; possibly even two minutes. The amount of times Rohan can use his semblance is four, and once the fourth has been used up, Rohan can't speak for the next 20 minutes; his throat needs to heal. The effects of the Aura yell can vary, but the most prominent effect of the yelling is concussive force, and ruptured ear drums. So, unless his opponents can cover their ears effectively, they're gonna have some serious head pain. Another effect is disorientation, to the point that whoever is effected is basically stunned in place for a few seconds.

Emblem: A burnt-orange colored blazing sun, with a set of two, vermilion-red colored saw teeth chains encompassing the sun. This logo can be found on the back of Rohan's combat vest, taking up most of the space available.

Bio: Born and raised in Vale, Rohan was a protector from the get go. As the eldest of his siblings, he felt that he had a duty to watch over and care for his younger brothers and sister. He watched over his brother Mark, in particular; when Rohan found out about Mark’s birth defect, he knew he’d have to keep an extra eye out for the younger Lad. He voluntarily became his brothers’ keeper. As Rohan and his brothers grew older, the elder Scotsman began to notice things about the city they lived in. It was sick. The crime rate was growing, numerous gangs of Humans and Faunus alike were popping up everywhere, and in Rohan’s mind, he was still the protector; of his family, and his city. He could've joined the local police force, yes; but Rohan felt that with their own laws holding them back, they'd never really be able to rid the city of its sickness.

So, when Rohan was of age, he joined a group of likeminded men; men who believed that what they were doing would, in the long run, make their home safer. Out of his brothers, he was the first to join the Motorcycle gang, Tribe of the Sun. In a few years’ time, Rohan’s younger brothers would join the Tribe as well, and once the tree of them were together, they would run with the Tribe for many, many months. Now, of course, what they did during their time with the Tribe could be considered questionable; running Dust and Weapons, things that people knew to be illegal, the Tribe used to their advantage. As long as the Tribe did what they did, they had the means to control and keep certain elements out of their city.

At the Tribe’s peak, they were one of the most influential street gangs in Vale. But nothing lasts forever. When the Tribe hit its downfall, they fell hard. Whatever grip they had on the city, they lost. Other groups rose up to challenge the Tribe, members of the gang were getting arrested faster than they could re-bolster their ranks, even Roman Torchwick and his gang began gaining more turf, beating back the Tribe and gaining a stronger foothold in the city. Rohan witnessed first hand how the leaders of the Tribe responded to the changes. The old fools tried to fight it, all of it. At first, Rohan was behind them, backing each of their decisions, fighting on the front lines when they asked him to; he never questioned their orders. There were also those who decided, and tried, to leave the Tribe when the Dust really started to hit the fan. These "traitors", as the old leaders called them, were given their punishments, and dealt with quickly and harshly, usually ending with their expulsion. Such expulsions, Rohan was usually a part of; even his own brothers', Mark's, expulsion. That night, even though Rohan watched, he took no joy in participating in his brothers' "burn out". The younger Scotsman's screams of pure agony tore into Rohan's being; the very brother he swore to look after, was being tortured in front of him. Rohan was never the same after that; Mark was gone, out living his own life, his other brother, the second eldest, had been sent to prison, his sister stopped speaking to him, and his parents.... Well, they basically disowned him for what he'd been doing.

Rohan rode out the rest of the turf war, watching fellow Tribe members get arrested, or killed. To an extent, watching all these things happen around him, Rohan's mentality.... Deteriorated. Eventually, the Tribe fell apart; the old leaders? They went down swinging, half being sent to prison on life sentences, the other half getting killed out on the street. Almost no one was left, and with the Tribe gone, Torchwick took over. What did that leave Rohan to do? Not much, at first. For a few years, Rohan kept his head down, making sure not to get seen; fearing that if he was recognized, Roman would send his men after him. It wasn't long before Rohan got over that fear, because after a night of trying, and failing, to reign in his scattered mind, Rohan realized that even though the Tribe was gone, that didn't mean he'd stop trying to protect his city. With his mentality chopped completely in half, Rohan donned his old Gangs' colors, and goes out night after night, hunting down Roman's goons and beating them, harassing them at each and every turn.

Equipment and Battle Info

Battle attire: Rohan's battle attire consists of knee high, black biker boots, heavily modified with light-weight armor plating, shin plating, and protective inlays. Tucked into these boots are Rohan's pants; colored light grey at the top, gradually fading into a red shade near the bottom. A bit of a loose fit, but made out of a special, thick, knife resistant fabric. Rohan's belt is actually a light-weight industrial chain, with a few pockets and pouches clipped onto the chain links here and there. Upper-body wear consists of two forms of protection. The first is a sleeveless undershirt, skin tight, vermilion red in color, medium-thick, and made out of knife/bullet resistant fabric material. On top of that, Rohan wears an armored combat vest, plated with some sort of light weight metal on the front and back, and inlaid with a Kevlar-mesh padding. On both of his fore-arms, Rohan usually wears a pair of armored bracers, with sections that cover the tops of his fists, and pieces that cover his knuckles. These bracers are Coal-black in color, and incredibly scratched up. Finally, Rohan keeps an armored face-mask (Sort of like an old hockey goalie mask), black in color, with the picture of a Beowolf skull painted in vermilion on the front.

Fighting style: Rohan is very, very erratic when he fights. At one point, Rohan had the same amount of technical training that his brother, Mark, had; if not greater than. Now, years later, and with a completely different mind set, Rohan fights with extremely erratic versions of Tiger and Monkey style martial arts. He also utilizes numerous flips and jumps when he fights, moving around constantly to confuse and dizzy his opponents. Trained in the art of staff fighting, Rohan uses strong, wide, slashing movements, as well as multiple spins and flips of his weapon. Rohan will press the attack when he gets the advantage, and will stay on the defense until such an opportunity presents itself. Rohan also tends to yell, shout, and maniacally cackle during a fight, aiming to seriously unnerve his opponent.

Weapon Name: Scourge (Main Weapon) Gas bombs (Secondary gadgets)

Weapon Range: Scourge: Melee, Close to Mid-range. Gas Grenades: Explode on impact, can effect an area of 5 to 6 feet all around.

Weapon type: Dual Chainsaw short swords. Can be connected at their hilts to form a double-sided chainsaw staff. Assorted Gas grenades, containing smoke, or a hallucinogenic agent in mist form.

Weapon Description: Dual Chainsaw's, built to look like a pair of short swords. They can be put together at their hilts and extended to form a double-sided chainsaw staff. When disconnected, the individual chainsaw's are about 4-feet (1.21920 Meters) long (2-foot hilt, 2-foot blade). When put together, the hilts extend outward to a maximum length of about 7-feet. Add the length of the saw blades to that, the staff measures at 11-feet exactly (3.35280 meters). Being at peak human strength, Scourge, in staff form, isn't too heavy for Rohan. The design of the saws on each end are the same; looking like a standard chainsaw, 2-feet long, 5-inches wide, and rounded off at the ends. The chain teeth are hooked in design, facing upwards, are extremely sharp and are made out of a steel-carbide alloy. The gas grenades that Rohan uses are small, grey, about the size of a tennis ball, and are light weight.

Weapon Abilities: 2 flame Dust crystals inside the chainsaw motors super-heat the saw-blades, causing black smoke to spew from the motors. Other than that, no real abilities besides being a freaky, psychologically frightening weapon. Rohan's Gas grenades are simple enough; they pop open on impact with anything when thrown, and spew either distraction smoke, or a mild, mind altering, hallucinogenic mist. (Note: being messed up enough as it is, the hallucinogenic mist doesn't have much effect on Rohan.)

Misc. Info

Family: A younger brother, currently in jail. His other younger brother, Marcus "Mark". An estranged sister, as well as estranged parents.

Strengths and Weaknesses: Rohan is a manic man, using his insanity to his advantage. Many a time, his crazed personality has thrown off his opponents, allowing him to win the fight. A down side of this, is that it effects his fighting style; such erratic movements can cause him to make mistakes often. Having done many things himself, there are very few things that can unnerve of frighten Rohan. The down side of this, is that Rohan will often run into a situation he hasn't completely thought out yet.

Other: Rohan has tribal style tattoos on both of his arms, starting at his shoulders, and going down, stopping just above his wrists. If you listen or catch him in the act, one can sometimes hear Rohan whispering or mumbling to himself. Also, if you're lucky, you can catch Rohan caressing Scourge; almost lovingly, sometimes. Rohan has an odd obsession with Bacon.

My O.C's
Marcus "Mark" òr-Mheas - Cyborg
Salvador De Salvia - Soldier
Raxidius "Raxus" Onychinus - Pirate
Rohan òr-Mheas - Mad Man

In Brightest Day, In Blackest Night....

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Not a bad character profile.


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Rohan òr-Mheas
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