RWBY: Into Shadows

The Grimm hordes ever encroach upon the kingdoms of Remnant, and it falls to academies such as Beacon to train the defenders of the realms.
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 Rachel Applewood

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PostSubject: Rachel Applewood   Rachel Applewood Icon_minitimeWed Feb 19, 2014 3:31 pm

Character Info

Name: Rachel Applewood

Gender: F

Race: Human

Age: 18

Personality: Rachel is shy and withdrawn with nearly every person other than her immediate family; until she was 16, she had never interacting with anyone other than them.

Appearance: Rachel stands at 5'7" weighing 112lbs. She has brown hair cut at a medium length, dark hazel eyes, and has a slender yet sturdy build. She wears a sleeveless green tunic with a quilted pattern, green leggings with leather straps, an arm bracer made from Grimmplate that extends up and over her shoulder, leather gloves and boots, and a feather in her circlet. She uses the feather to determine the direction and force of the wind.


Representation: Pocahontas

Color: Green

Semblance: Eagle Eye
1) Rachel has perfect depth perception and can see in low-light environments.

2) She is able to literally see a creature's metabolic processes at work. For example, if she is stalking a deer or hare, she can see the location of its organs, major arteries, and determine changes in its heart rate. This applies to all living creatures including humans and Grimm.

3) When aiming or concentrating in general, Rachel can experience a visual slow-down (ie. bullet time). This caused by a spike in adrenaline.

Rachel Applewood XuEisMq

Bio: Rachel is the youngest of three. She and her two brothers were born in the forests of Vytal. From the age of 4 she was taught survival skills ranging from foraging, shelter improvisation, water purification, hunting, and the way of the bow. The Applewood family would travel from forest to forest, only leaving when Grimm infestation became too severe for comfort.

When Rachel was 15, she began to grow curious of the outside world of the humans and faunus. She would never interact with them, but would get glimpses of their society through the occasional abandoned watchtower/ruin and would even see them from afar; albeit very rarely.

Fast-forward to a year-and-a-half later, and Rachel attempted to run away from her family. After noticing her extended absence, her father sent his son Lyonel to find her and bring her back. And when Lyonel did catch up to her, he explained to her that he had also tried to run away once before, but their eldest brother, Samuel brought him back. At this junction, Lyonel gave her the choice to come back with him or leave. Tears in her eyes, Rachel hugged him one last time before disappearing into the brush.

After three months, Rachel found happened upon a Huntress camp on the outskirts of Vale. The campers were tired and exhausted from fighting the day before and failed to post a night watch. Rachel watched as 4 beowolves crept into the camp. She acted quickly and rained arrows on them, killing all but one. Luckily, the ruckus awoke the sleeping team of Huntresses and they finished off the last of invaders. They soon found Rachel perched in a nearby tree and were impressed by her abilities. After introducing herself and explaining her situation, the leader of the party recommended she enroll at Beacon.

Over the course of her first year at Beacon, she would often venture into the city to sate her curiosity.

Equipment and Battle Info

Battle attire: See Appearance + Misc Tool Kit & Hip-Quiver

Fighting style: Rachel is a ranger through-and-through. She's swift, accurate, and sneaky. She can fire accurately in quick succession and whilst running away. Her preferred method is to silently stalk her quarry, examine its weak-points, and wait until her target least expects it until finally firing a single arrow to incapacitate it. In a pitched battle, where she has time to prepare, she will improvise multiple 'nests' that act as vantage points. These 'nests' are well-hidden, easily defensible, and often contain a cache of supplies such as additional quivers of arrows, medical supplies, etc.

If an opponent can avoid her arrows or somehow sneaks up on her, she has flash bombs and her trusty hunting knife. She will either engage the foe, attempting to disable it by hamstringing it, or, if her opponent is too difficult to engage up close, will attempt to create distance with a flash bomb and fire back arrows as she retreats to a safe position or a 'nest'.

Weapon Name: Whisperwind and Strider


Weapon Range:
Whisperwind - 65 yards on a stationary target / 35 yards on a moving target / 15 yards while moving & and at a moving target.

Strider - Melee

Weapon type:
Whisperwind - Mid to Long (Pierce & variety of arrow types)

Strider - Close (Slash/Pierce)

Weapon Description:
Whisperwind is a recurved composite bow crafted by her father. Its main body is made from wood from the trees of the forests of Vale and its belly is comprised of inlaid Grimmshorne. It is lightweight, sturdy, and most of all silent.

Strider - A hunting knife that has been modified to surge electricity through a target; essentially turning it into an extremely sharp and deadly stun-rod.

Weapon Abilities:
Whisperwind, while masterfully crafted, is simply a bow. The variety comes in its ammunition. Over the course of her first year at Beacon, Rachel has adapted modern technology to supplement her fletching, applying them to make her arrows more aerodynamic, lightweight, sturdier, and overall efficient. Additionally, she has learned to craft dust-based arrows with specialized capabilities.

Strider can also be utilized as a stun-weapon.

Specialized Arrows
Explosive Arrow - Explodes on impact.
Incendiary Arrow - Sets target on fire on impact.
Shock Arrow - Electroshocks target.
Freezing Arrow - Freezes the area around the impact site.
Heavy Arrow - Thicker and made from heavier materials, this arrow is designed to penetrate hard shells/armors.

Misc. Info

Family: Rachel's family is unaware of her whereabouts and continues to wander the forests of Vytal.

Father: Wilhelm
Mother: Cynthia
Brothers: Samuel & Lyonel

Strengths and Weaknesses:
+Expert at mid/long-ranged
+Swift & sneaky
+Uncanny reflexes
+Survival skills

-Light armor other than her bracer
-Low aura ability
-Limited ability at close range
-Limited societal knowledge
-Awkward around strangers

Rachel's Attributes:

Rachel's Combat Stats:
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PostSubject: Re: Rachel Applewood   Rachel Applewood Icon_minitimeWed Feb 19, 2014 9:38 pm

Well, I don't know about the age in the history, but Wei could clarify on that. Other than that, I don't see anything else wrong with it, so you have my recommendation.


I have decided to make my own forum, I had fun here, but I am sorry that I must take my leave before I ruin this forum.
Here is the link to my forum, it is currently up and running.

I wish you all luck and to not worry bout me, this was my choice.
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PostSubject: Re: Rachel Applewood   Rachel Applewood Icon_minitimeThu Feb 20, 2014 7:17 am

I see this and it looks very good. Although, Wei may or may not ask you to edit the age.
Everything it needs, it's got it where it counts, though, so.....

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Rachel Applewood
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