RWBY: Into Shadows

The Grimm hordes ever encroach upon the kingdoms of Remnant, and it falls to academies such as Beacon to train the defenders of the realms.
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 Okiro Kuroki

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Alex Barkhorn
Alex Barkhorn

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PostSubject: Okiro Kuroki   Okiro Kuroki Icon_minitimeSun Mar 02, 2014 5:33 am

Character Info

Name: Okiro Kuroki.

Gender: Female.

Race: Human, Japanese.

Age: 19, nearly 20.

Personality: Okiro is a rather quiet individual. Now, when you think quiet girls, you think, "Oh, the quiet shy type - how adorable!" Okiro isn't that kind of quiet. She just doesn't talk often. It has nothing to do with how much she likes or dislikes you. And when she does talk, she seems to not use tact very often, usually being straightforward and telling the truth. Yet, despite this seemingly rude front, she's actually quite caring due to her upbringing, or lack thereof. She's even snuck an occasional creature to nurture it in its time of need.

Appearance: Gaunt seems to be the proper word to describe Okiro. Now, she doesn't look anorexic or totally malnourished, but one would agree that she doesn't seem to be the healthiest looking individual out there. She stands at an average five feet, nine inches, with a rather pale complexion, and straight, long black hair that reaches below her back, and is long in the front, as well, sometimes obstructing her view until she pushes her hair out of her eyes. Her eyes are a shimmering midnight blue, with small specks of gunmetal grey around the iris.

Representation: Famine, of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

Color: Onyx

Semblance: Endurance Enhancement. Her Semblance speeds up her stamina regeneration, on a chance that her opponent will tire out before she does.

Emblem:  A black scale, though the weighing platforms are replaced by her chakrams.

Bio: Okiro hasn't necessarily had the greatest childhood. She was orphaned in a very poor area of Vale seeing as her parents died in a Grim attack. She was then delivered to said orphanages, where her first few years were spent in poverty, but a good environment. The old woman that ran the joint was nice enough. She knew they didn't have money, but tried her best to take care of the children, by reading to them, or taking them to a park. Okiro looked up to the woman, sort of like a grandmother. She was grateful that she took such joy in taking care of the children. She loved her like family.

Unfortunately, when Okiro was only five, the woman had passed away. Okiro and all the other children were heartbroken. What made it worse, was that the new old woman that had inherited the orphanage, was a nasty old woman. She made the children clean every day. Their meals were based on how well they did in their daily chores. She kept telling them no one would adopt them, that they were unwanted. And she especially loved to pick on Okiro. After Okiro's grandmother-figure had passed away, she had grown silent, and withdrawn. She missed the woman just like she missed her parents. The old woman would torment her, being she was the easiest to pick on. She was depressed, she would rarely leave her bed. Because of this, she would barely ever do chores. Thus, she was rarely fed. She survived off of scraps that the occasional child would give her. Not entirely out of generosity, but mostly because they don't want to deal with her dead body.

This continued for nearly seven years, full of despair, torture, malnourishment and anguish. She hadn't improved at all. She barely spoke to her fellow orphans. There was nothing to talk about. They were all alone, anyway.

Luckily, some brave soul had reported this behavior to city officials. The nasty old woman was removed from the orphanage. A new official was put in. The first open house they got, Okiro was adopted by a loving couple who had just lost their teenage son in a Grim attack, placing a bit of a connection between the two. They saw they condition she was in, and thought how horrible it must have been. They spent over twenty minutes brushing her teeth and getting a huge layer of plaque and build-up off her teeth. They fed her well and tended to her needs. The first time she had her first real meal in years, she couldn't properly express her joy for having real food. They loved her, and she loved them. She went to school, and was still rather socially awkward. She often spent time alone inside and outside of school. There was one thing they noticed, though. Whenever she did have a friend over, she always cooked something up for the friend. Whether it was a light snack or a meal, she would always make sure her friends were properly fed.

It was at age 15 when Okiro decided she wanted to be a Huntress. She wanted to protect people, and make sure no one went through what she and her family went through. She had been researching Dust and its effects, reading up various Hunters and strategies. Her parents were skeptical, but were supportive nonetheless.

Okiro applied for Sanctum, and quickly made a name for herself. She studied hard, and trained hard. Most people assumed that due to her physical appearance, she would be useless, and would just make a fool of herself. But they were very wrong. She was quick, very quick, and had a tendency to wear out her opponent, making the final strike easy. She was given the opportunity to apply to Beacon a year early, and she took it.

Equipment and Battle Info

Battle attire:  It's quite hard for Okiro to find clothing that fits properly, and that's exactly why she makes most of her own clothing. Starting from the top, she has two leather armbands that are black in color, reaching from her wrist to her elbow. On her torso, she wears a tight black t-shirt, understitched with material that helps to prevent major stabs or cuts, with a slate gray poncho over it. Said poncho has no particular design on it, it's just plain. It also reaches down to her pelvic area at its lowest, so it generally covers up a good portion of her whole upper body, causing easy concealment of weapons. Her lower body simply has a pair of black short shorts that stop at about her mid-thigh. Her shoes are a pair of black and white country-esque boots. Usually, she keeps a large, serrated combat knife in there.

Fighting style: Okiro is a two-sided coin when she fights. She always keeps a calm, cool, and collected demeanor when in combat. Her face somehow becomes totally and utterly stoic, and her actions become reflexes and motions that seem as natural as breathing. Though, this is usually when fighting common Grimm and other fighters with a combat skill less than hers. The other side of the coin comes when she needs to step her game up. Okiro becomes ruthless, executing a flurry of quick attacks with her chakrams. Combine these brute attacks with her Semblance, and her game is simple: tire you out for the kill.

Weapon Name: Fallow Wheels

Weapon Range: Short-long.

Weapon type: Dust-enhanced chakrams.

Weapon Description: Each Fallow Wheel is an ebony disk with a one foot diameter, with three protruding ends - the blades. On each blade, which is about five inches long, there are serrated edges, along with two more, smaller blades on the backside of the blade.

Weapon Abilities: Okiro manages to control the chakrams via dust, able to twirl them around her in a mix of physical dust, and quite often, with elemental dust. It could be a maelstrom of ice, or a flurry of flames. She either uses them for mid-range combat like that, or up close and personal with the deadly blades.

Misc. Info

Family: While Okiro considers her close friends to be family, she is unaware of any blood relatives.

Strengths and Weaknesses: Her strength comes in her powerful will, having been able to stay alive despite the atrocities she faced in childhood. This will enables her to train herself to her peak. Her weakness is her need to take care of others. She'll drop nearly anything if someone is in trouble, and is usually the first to walk right into an obvious trap if she even has a remote chance to help someone.

Other: If anything comes to mind, I will add it, and inform someone.

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PostSubject: Re: Okiro Kuroki   Okiro Kuroki Icon_minitimeSun Mar 02, 2014 6:22 am

I see no real problem with the profile, very well detailed and covers everything that is needed.

(Sorry, I was thinking of RLR for some reason) I will have to asked Wei about the two characters having the same color representation.

Other than this question, I recommend the character.


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I wish you all luck and to not worry bout me, this was my choice.
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PostSubject: Re: Okiro Kuroki   Okiro Kuroki Icon_minitimeSun Mar 02, 2014 8:54 am

This one's good, Alex. Everything's well detailed and right where they need to be.


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Okiro Kuroki
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