RWBY: Into Shadows

The Grimm hordes ever encroach upon the kingdoms of Remnant, and it falls to academies such as Beacon to train the defenders of the realms.
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 Marcus "Mark" òr-Mheas

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Character Info

Name: Marcus "Mark" òr-Mheas

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Age: 19

Personality: Though he tries to keep to himself, most of the time, Mark has a pension for breaking his reserved demeanor. When this happens, many who meet him can describe Mark as a rather gruff, almost mad sort of guy. By mad, it usually means he's had a few to drink. He'll speak if spoken to, and his replies can sometimes make a person question whether Mark's a level headed individual. He's very observant, always looking around, checking his surroundings. The amount of times he looks over his shoulder can border on paranoia, but he's not that far gone. He has a strangely strong sense of loyalty, staying true to his words when he's befriended you. He doesn't have a short fuse, very slow to anger; but, say the right string of words, or harm those he stands by, and he'll resort to force. The kind involving fists to faces. He's kinda like a Rottweiler, friendly to those he trusts, suspicious of new people, and if you're a danger, he'll bite.... hard. This doesn't necessarily mean he's a drone-like attack dog. Mark thinks for himself, makes decisions on his own, and will, at times, butt heads with whomever holds the authority (Teachers, Guards, Etc.).

Appearance: Mark stands at the regular height of about 6'2. Because of the his rough life style, even before becoming a Student-Huntsman, Mark is built with a good amount of muscle, not too much, but just above average. Mark's facial appearance isn't too bad; firm jaw line, hard-set facial expression, a few scars on his cheek and chin. He's lightly tanned, got long-ish, combed back black hair, dark green eyes, and a bit of a mustache-beard thing going on. Now that he's older, Mark freely shows his robotic arms by cutting the sleeves off of, nearly, every shirt he has.

Representation: Story of "Iron John"

Color: A Darker, Burnt-Orange.

Semblance: Mark is particularly good at controlling his vocal chords. With adequate aura control under his belt, Mark is able to channel his aura into his throat, and unleash louder than normal shouts and yells. Mark can also focus his voice into a shock-wave of sorts, with enough force to push back and disorientate his opponents. If they're close enough, the shock-wave has a chance to break ear drums, causing further pain/discomfort. The main draw back is that, with excessive use, Mark's throat will run dry, and he will be unable to speak and use his semblance effectively. Most amount of times he can use his semblance is 4 to 5 times, then his throat will begin to dry up.

Emblem: Blazing sun with a Revolver and Hunting-knife crossed above it. (Sun, pistol, and knife are all Burnt-Orange.)

Bio: Born in the city of Vale, to a near genius Mechanical Technician and a respected Nurse, little Mark was the youngest of his siblings, the others being two brothers and a sister. Now, unlike his siblings, there was something that set Mark aside from his brothers and sister: He was born without arms. Aside from not having arms, Mark was just like any other kid; he was a baby, he grew, he aged.... But it wasn't long before he began to notice people treated him differently.

People stared, watched; little kids pointed.... Needless to say, Mark didn't like it, and neither did his Father. Not wanting his son to be treated like a side show attraction, Mark's old man did the near impossible. He stole parts from a proto-type, AK series defense droid, and made his son arms. Mark's Father worked day and night on the robotic appendages, finally completing the limbs on Mark's tenth birthday. From then on, Mark wore long sleeved shirts. He still thought people would stare, but at least he had arms, right?

The years went by, and Mark grew, making sure to upgrade his robotic arms whenever he could. If one were to think the boy would have had a stellar life.... They'd be wrong. No, he wasn't a good kid. His brothers turned him into something less than good. See, as he turned into an angry, teenage boy, his brothers capitalized on that, and turned him to their life style. Turned him to the "Tribe of the Sun". That's what they called themselves, their street gang, made up of Bikers and other sorted, angry individuals. It was a small organization, nothing too serious. The Tribe did mostly protection runs on illegal Dust deals, and sold parts for numerous weapons or vehicles. For a while, Mark was basically a common thug/criminal; but, like everything in this world, the Tribe had its beginnings, its golden years, and finally, its downfall.

Torchwick's gang moved in, the Tribe broke down, and Mark.... Well, he cut and ran before he got himself killed. Wanting to put his worse days behind him, Mark found new life meaning in becoming a Huntsman. He started attending Signal Academy, and after his time there, he was accepted into Beacon Academy. Mark sold his motorbike his first year at Beacon, and cut ties with his brothers; though, he still stays in contact with his parents and sister.

Equipment and Battle Info

Battle attire: Worn, black biker-boots with his dark blue jeans tucked into them. A simple brown belt to hold his pants up. White sleeveless shirt, and a sleeveless black button up shirt worn over that, with his thick, black leather vest worn over both. On his vest, there's a logo on the back. A picture of an orange, blazing sun, with a hunting knife and a revolver crossing above it. Mark also wears grey armored knee pads, and a set of upper body armor (Upper-chest and upper-back).

Fighting style: Raised the way he was, Mark is, by all accounts, a street brawler. Though, one wouldn't call him a completely sloppy fighter. He took numerous close-combat classes at Signal, and trained with a few Pro fighters at a local gym (A front for an Underground Fight-Club). Mark's style is a mix of Boxing and MMA, with bits of Krav Maga and Judo mixed in there. Why Mark chose such fighting styles is because of his arms. Mechanical arms, laden with armor plating, usually meant heavier, more painful and powerful punches and strikes. He can also take greater damage with his arms, usually opting to block strikes from bladed weapons, and bullets from fire arms, with his bare arms and hands. Because of his watchful nature, Mark takes time (Sometimes) to see if he can read his opponent, and choose the proper movements of attack or defense.

Weapon Name: E.R. and Morgue

Weapon Range: Mixed. Hand-to-hand and Short to Mid-range.

Weapon type: Right and Left Robotic-Prosthetic arms. Transformable into armored combat forms.

Weapon Description: Mark, born with no arms, had a pair of early model AK-129 robotic arms grafted onto his upper-body. In their casual state, the mechanized arms resemble a normal person's, the only difference being that they're more resistant to damage, and made of metal. Mark makes no attempts to hide this, he freely shows the fact that his arms are robotic prosthetic's. In their combat forms, Mark's arms will mecha-shift, from the shoulder down, into a thicker, more armored look; the Steel-Carbide plating being extremely resilient, and with high impact resistance, as well as greatly increased strength. When in their combat forms, the arms look less human, and more machine. Also, it's only in this form that people will notice the arms names etched into their respective bicep areas. Left, E.R. Right, Morgue.

Weapon Abilities: Once in their armored-combat forms, Mark's arms are equipped with two types of armament. The first, Mark's arms house two-foot long, collapsible, claw-like saber blades, one in each arm. Second, both of Mark's arms can mecha-shift into a pair of triple barreled, .45 caliber Gatling guns. The ammo for both guns can vary, from regular, to high-explosive. For close-combat (No blades, no guns; just his fists), high-pressure pistons in both Mark's arms can be utilized to add more "boom" to his punches. Channel his aura into the hits, along with the pistons, and Mark has enough kinetic force to do more than just knock someone out.

Misc. Info

Family: Two Brothers, one in prison, the other still out in the city somewhere. Mother and Father, both alive and well, and living in peace near the market district with Mark's older sister.

Strengths and Weaknesses: Mark doesn't hold too great a fear of many things. This may be a plus, but it can be countered by the fact that, at times, he may have a bit too much to drink, and will lash out, usually without thought of the consequences for his actions. His drinking is a weakness in itself. It's a bad habit, and one that's been extremely hard for him to break. Mark isn't a genius, but he is by no means a moron or dull minded person. With his time in a Motorcycle Gang, Mark's knowledge of hit and run tactics is unusually high for someone of his age.

Other: Mark likes cake. Doesn't know why, he just does. Mark's arms' circuit-synapse systems can sometimes cause him a bit of pain; this might be a reason for his drinking. To Mark's count, he's been in prison twice; once for theft and assault charges (1-and a half months) and another for arson and assault in the second degree (2-and a half months). Mark has a massive burn scar on his back; beginning just below his shoulders, and going down, stopping just above the small of his back. Save for Mark himself, along with a few Doctors and Nurses, almost no one has ever seen this scar, and unless he's caught with his shirt off, no one ever will see it.

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Marcus "Mark" òr-Mheas
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