RWBY: Into Shadows

The Grimm hordes ever encroach upon the kingdoms of Remnant, and it falls to academies such as Beacon to train the defenders of the realms.
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 Raxidius "Raxus" Onychinus

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PostSubject: Raxidius "Raxus" Onychinus   Raxidius "Raxus" Onychinus Icon_minitimeMon Jan 27, 2014 10:01 am

Character Info

Name: Raxidius "Raxus" Onychinus

Gender: Male

Race: Black-Lion Faunus

Age: 17

Personality: Raxus is a literal Beast of a Man. His bestial nature, however, beguile's his true intellect; appearing no more than a massive brute, Raxus, in truth, is a capable fighter and thinker. He has a measure of care for those who follow him, but believes that traitorous acts should be dealt with swiftly, and that the punishment must fit the crime. Although appearing to be a frighting person, Raxus is surprisingly easy to talk to; the only instances one could truly call him frighting is when he really decides to be. Though he will never openly admit it, Raxus had a good measure of greed in his system. He is neither proud, nor ashamed of it; he merely believes that it's part of his nature. Raxus is also a bit pragmatic, usually dusting the small things in favor of matters at hand. Unafraid of getting his hands dirty, Raxus is ready and willing to do what it takes to get whatever it is he's doing, done.

Appearance: 7-foot 1-inch, Very brutish looking, with a slightly grim, strong look about him. Caucasian, but with lightly tanned skin. Months of intense physical conditioning (Hard labor included) has given Raxus an extremely large build, on par with a heavy weight olympian wrestler. His face betrays his age; while he is 17, Raxus could appear to be older, perhaps 19 or 20. His face also has a good few scars on his cheeks, nose, and a few on his head. Most prominent are two diagonal scars that run over his left eye. Raxus' hair is also very prominent, being quite long, tied back tightly, and left to go down the center of his back. Because of his lineage, Raxus' face has the beginnings of a beard, with light traces of a mustache as well. All hair is Black in color. Raxus' Faunus give away is his tail; dark brown in color, 4 feet long, with the tuft of hair at the end also black in color. Raxus' eyes are Gold in color, though a bit rusty in tinge.

Representation: The Legend of Blackbeard.

Color: Carmine Red and Onyx Black.

Semblance: Raxus' aura is strong, and grows with the amount of rage he's built up. When in use, it's a very ominous, dark purple. Raxus' semblance is sound, specifically, his voice. He can channel his aura into his vocal chords, and let out a shock wave roar, that can either stun, or induce an irrational sense of fear in his opponents mind.

Emblem: Skull with crossed swords above it, and crossed revolvers underneath. There's a bullet hole in the skulls center forehead, causing cracks. This logo is on the back of his Trench Coat.

Bio: Raxus grew up in Vale, a denizen of it's Industrial District. His parents? Father was never in the picture, Old Pride-Male left Raxus' mother when the young Raxus was only a "cub". After a few years, Raxus' mother all but left the young Lion Faunus to fend for himself on the streets of Vale. The Industrial District, in particular, ain't a nice place to leave someone so young and... Impressionable. Out of Raxus' family of Eight siblings, the young Lion was in fact the eldest among them, leaving Raxus to protect and provide for his younger brothers and sisters. In order to do so, he was left with no other choice but to take a few odd jobs here and there; something not so easily done, considering how people always tended to look down on Faunus. The other Lion's that lived around Raxus' area were also hesitant to help him, why? Raxus was a Black Lion, a genetic oddity among that particular group of Faunus. But, the young Raxus was strong, a special trait passed down in his blood-line; he, alone, could do the work of three men, a feat that his employers took note of that, sometimes, had them see fit to pay Raxus well enough.

Schooling was something that always danced around in Raxus' mind, a fleeting thought that would advertise itself like a passing bus. The young Lion would never be able to chase that thought, however; to him, his family always came first. He thought it selfish to leave them behind in favor of his own gain. As Raxus grew older, there seemed to be a noticeable change in him; when he was young, he would accept his pay from his bosses without question, but now that he was older, Raxus had begun to argue his pay, trying many a time to get some form of raise. He was refused at every turn, and when the day came that he could take it no longer, Raxus let his greed get the better of him. He joined up with a group of like minded Faunus, a team of thieves; together, they broke into a rich Dust Mine owners' home, stole what they could, and made it out before anyone could notice what had happened. This was just the beginning; soon, Raxus and his band of Thieves would strike another home, than another, and another. They grew in number, and in a years time, began calling themselves the "Sons of Plunder". For a short portion of Raxus' life, the adolescent Lion was a sort of "Land Pirate", often joining his subordinates on various jobs in and around the city. The leader of the Sons of Plunder took it upon himself to teach Raxus and his subordinates something, anything that would boost their intelligence. His philosophy of "A machine's only as good as its weakest gear" being the drive behind that. At the age of fifteen, Raxus had established himself as one of the leading members of his group. He was a head taller than most, and very heavily built for someone of his age. Although, unlike many of his fellow thieves, Raxus' drive to keep doing what they were doing was beginning to diminish.

After a few more months of heists and break-in jobs, Raxus' taste in their life had begun to go stale. In the back of his head, a vow he made when he was younger had begun to worm its way back into his thoughts. Raxus was beginning to realize what he was doing; greed had gotten into him, and and now, he was feeding himself rather than helping his family. Ashamed and angry at the kind of person he was, Raxus made a new personal vow; no longer would he keep seeking personal gain, instead, Raxus would seek gain for others, as well as himself. Petty theft, however, wasn't going to bring in the big prizes, and Raxus knew this. Bigger scores meant needing better skills, and where does one become better skilled? Raxus got his answer when he heard a few people talking about "Combat School". Raxus did a bit of research, and found that Signal Academy was the closest one. With the help of a few more of his more "Tech-savvy" subordinates, Raxus managed to fake his way into Signal's second year class, forging fake documents saying that he was a transfer from Altas. Bidding his "brothers" from the Sons of Plunder a temporary goodbye, Raxus started spending more time at Signal, learning what he could, and over all becoming a better, more well rounded combatant. After completing his years in Signal without a hitch, Raxus found himself in the graduating class, and once the ceremony was well and done, Raxus went back to the Son's, checking in with them before checking up on his family. It was during the down time between Signal and Beacon that Raxus found himself wanting more. Not money or wealth, but more skill to add to what he already had. So when Beacon's new year came around, Raxus jumped at the chance to enroll, his greed toward more skill mostly driving him, and with the knowledge that more skill meant better pay off's being a hidden factor. Now, here he is, not so much ready to learn, as he is ready to gain.

Equipment and Battle Info

Battle attire:  Raxus wears a sleeveless, maroon button up shirt with a black dress vest over it, although it's a bit tattered and dirty (The dress-vest is double layered, having armor plating between layers). He also wears black trousers with a red belt, sporting a silver buckle. His trousers are tucked into a pair of thick, black leather, knee high armored boots. He's got black bands on his wrists, and a few rings on his fingers. Over all that, Raxus wears a large, black leather trench coat with armored pads sewn into the arms, chest, and shoulders. He's also been known to wear a dark grey, hooded cloak, with the cape part only going over his left arm. Raxus wears a black, rather thick belt-bandoleer. It has the sheath for his sword attached, as well as extra shells for its shotgun mode placed along the outer side of the bandoleer.

Fighting style: Raxus' strength is vastly great, being able to take two fully grown men by the throat, and hold them well above his own head. Him being of Lion Faunus heritage only gives him more power, and when you add his aura reserves to it, Raxus is a force of nature. His Faunus bloodline gives him higher than normal night vision, as well as better stamina and endurance. Though a bit erratic at times, Raxus is mostly a boxer when it comes to fighting; his great strength ensuring extremely painful, if not knock-out blows. If he can get in close, Raxus has been known to utilise varying grappling tactics, but usually heavyweight versions of Judo and Sambo. Raxus is an exceptional sword duelist, having taken many types of bladed combat classes in Signal. His Cutlass, Tyrant, would probably be a part of his hand by now, if he didn't have a sheath to place it in. Tyrant's alternate shotgun mode was a bit of a challenge, though; Raxus was never much of a good shot with it, but hey, it's a shotgun, it's meant to be used at closer ranges.

Weapon Name: Tyrant and Reaver

Weapon Range: Clawed-Armored gauntlet and a Cutlass sword/1887-style, stockless, lever-action shotgun.

Weapon type: Reaver, Hand-to-hand/Close range. Tyrant, Melee/Close to Mid-range.

Weapon Description: The two main weapons Raxus uses are an armored claw-gauntlet, (Called "Reaver") which he wears on his left forearm, coat sleeve tucked in, and his Cutlass sword/lever-action, stock-less 1887-style shotgun (Called "Tyrant"). The sword is 5 feet in total length, the blade being more like a big meat cleaver, curved, with a saber like tip, and a razors edge. His Cutlass' hand-finger guard, in shotgun mode, doubles as the loading-action lever. Raxus prefers to use incendiary shells (Slugs and Buck-shot). The gauntlet Raxus wears on his left forearm has a flame Dust crystal embedded up near the elbow, allowing him to ignite the gauntlet, and basically have a flaming claw-hand.

Weapon Abilities: The only one of the two to have any real ability is Reaver, Raxus' clawed gauntlet. The Flame Dust crystal, embedded up near the elbow, allows Raxus to ignite his gauntlet. When it's set ablaze, Raxus can use the gauntlet for both offensive and defensive tactics; he'll block incoming attacks with the gauntlets broad side, and lash out with its flaming claws. Even without being engulfed in flames, the gauntlet is still a formidable weapon. Tyrant, Raxus' Shotgun-Cutlass, is rather plain when compared to Reaver. Although he has had a good amount of formal sword training, Raxus, when using Tyrant, can sometimes treat a fight like he's attempting to hack away at a big piece of meat. His well-above normal strength allows him to wield the cleaver-like sword with ease. In it's shotgun mode, Raxus isn't too bad of a shot, either. Mainly because he prefers to use this mode up-close and personal. Raxus uses mainly incendiary shells, and when he augments his rounds with his aura, the flames that the shots can spread burn faster, hotter, and are significantly more dangerous.

Misc. Info

Family: Raxus has eight other brothers and sisters, all of varying ages. His Mother hasn't spoken to him in a while, and his Father is somewhere.... Raxus doesn't know where, but somewhere.

Strengths and Weaknesses: Raxus can sometimes get carried away during a fight, and though he is smart enough and knows when enough is enough, the Lion in him can sometimes just hunger for more. One of Raxus' biggest drawbacks is his greed, which can severely interfere when faced with certain missions or goals he has set. This is countered by one of Raxus' best qualities about him; he fights for the little guy. Raxus has always been one to provide, though the means by which he does so can sometimes be in question.

Other: Raxus eats meat. Cooked or raw, he'll take it. Raxus has a bit of a crooked jaw, causing his lower jaw's right enlarged canine tooth to jut out slightly.

My O.C's
Marcus "Mark" òr-Mheas - Cyborg
Salvador De Salvia - Soldier
Raxidius "Raxus" Onychinus - Pirate
Rohan òr-Mheas - Mad Man

In Brightest Day, In Blackest Night....

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