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The Grimm hordes ever encroach upon the kingdoms of Remnant, and it falls to academies such as Beacon to train the defenders of the realms.
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 Veronique "Vera" Milian

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Character Info

Name: Veronique Milian. Goes by Vera. (Play on words for the color Vermilion)

Gender: Female

Race: Faunas, Genet features.

Age: 18

Personality: It's hard to pin Vera's personality to a tee. She's not schizophrenic or bipolar, she just has different attitudes towards different people. It's almost like the Golden Rule, but with a twist. She can be very harsh one minute, not afraid to scold you, but will turn around and apologize the next. Overall, she's a rather cheerful and open girl, who isn't entirely afraid to speak her mind, whether fact or opinion. Needless to say, her big mouth can sometimes get her into troublesome situations. Another issue of hers is her idea of self-worth. She'll sometimes hit phases of "am I good enough" or "is what I doing really a good idea?" Thankfully, she's able to easily bounce back from this with help of her friends. Concerning her race, she doesn't let it bother her, nor does she let the talk and discrimination of others get her down. It can, however, piss her off, and she will then proceed to verbally assault whoever decided to insult her.

Appearance: Vera stands at a solid five feet, seven inches, with long, very pale blonde hair; some would even mistake it as perhaps an ivory in color. It reaches to the small of her back, and has a small cowlick near the top of her hair where her bangs start. Her eyes are a stunning powder blue in color, with specks of amber around the iris. Her complexion is rather pale white. She has an average build for a girl her age. Her Faunas traits involve a set of pointed Genet ears with white fur, and black trim around the edges of her ears. Her tail isn't too long, and has "rings" of black and white.

Representation: Hansel and Gretel, albeit a bit loosely.

Color: Vermilion

Semblance: When Vera's Aura is active, she can pinpoint exact locations of those she's interacted with by seeing their silhouettes, colored by their Aura. If they have no Aura, it's simply a black silhouette. This allows incredibly acute situation awareness that she can use to further her and her allies' tactics in battle.

Emblem: Her two blades crossed, with what seems to be an illustration of a gust of wind behind them. The blades are silhouetted in black, with the wind gust being a white in color.

Bio: Veronique's parents are the owners of a nice Dust shop with fair prices and quality goods, sometimes trading with the Schnee Dust Company. Her father, Pierre, was a wealthy business man, who had fallen in love with Perrine, a Faunas woman he had met during a business venture. While many were skeptical about the love between the two, his respect among the business community was high enough to where it only just barely affected his sales.

Vera's parents wanted Vera to take over the shop later down the line, but she just wasn't about that life. She wanted to do her own thing. One day, when a Hunter saved their shop from a notorious criminal, Vera knew what she wanted to do. Considering who she was, she would get Dust for either incredibly cheap, or she could talk her parents into letting her try some. At first, her parents thought of it as harmless fun. But when she started showing promise for magical abilities, her parents tried to put her Dust handling skills on lockdown. Vera was adamant, and fought for what she wanted, applying for, and being accepted into Signal Academy. There, she trained under the best weapons handlers her money could buy her (Which, considering her parents were still rather cross, wasn't anything that was more than five figures. Which must be a lot to them rich folk.) She studied and practiced hard, and it all payed off. When she was finally able to make her own weapons, she was more than ecstatic. She wanted something fast. Something devastating, something magical.

There was a day that seemed to change something in her. Being the little rebel she is, she began getting curious when missing peoples reports started flowing through town. She did her research, found her own clues, and found the culprit. She followed a woman and black, who was also being tailed by some boy in azure. She was hoping to either bring in the person behind this, or bring back tangible evidence. Unfortunately, neither happened, seeing as the boy was about to rush in. not wanting him to get in the way, she burst in, fighting a pack of beowolves alongside the boy, who was actually more skilled than she gave him credit for.

They fought hard, but the pack leader had gotten away. The boy, Alex, was eager to get back home, although, he had discovered his mother was killed, presumably by the beast they nearly killed. He stayed with Vera and her family until he went into the custody of his uncle. But, the two became inseparable, almost like siblings to each other.

All of her hard work payed off when she was finally accepted to Beacon. Her parents, while still upset that she won't be taking over the family business, are still proud of their daughter, accepting of what she wants in life.

Equipment and Battle Info

Battle attire: Starting from the top, Vera usually wears a vermilion scarf around her neck, with both ends wrapped around to the back of her shoulders, reaching just above her lower back. Her top includes a worn leather jacket with a brilliant vermilion stripe going horizontal just where her bust is. It's usually unzipped, revealing a vermilion v-neck shirt that shows off her defined collarbones, and bares her midriff. She has a black leather studded belt, with the belt buckle also vermilion in color, that has her symbol on it. Said belt holds up a vermilion skirt that's about mid-thigh length, with black leggings underneath. On her feet are black combat boots that reach to a higher point on her shin, with vermilion laces. On her head she either wears a beret or a bowler hate both black in color. This is in no way to hide her ears: She is actually quite proud of her heritage. But, it is fashionable and cute, so she still wears it.

Fighting style: Vera's fighting style is much like Alex's, in that she focuses a lot of attention on flow and fluid movement in her combat. Her weapons allow for even greater and more flexible movement, allowing her near-full three-dimensional movement on the battlefield. She'll only stop when she's defeated, or when she takes a moment to plan out a more tactical plan.

Weapon Name: Aequitas and Veritas

Weapon Range: Short to medium

Weapon type: Dual Daggers/Chain Scythes

Weapon Description:  Vera wields to curved daggers with a black hilt and a vermilion blade, with small capsules for holding dust. The blades are both about eleven inches in size She got the idea from Weiss Schnee, whom she'd only met once or twice through her parents, but looked up to. She admired the construction of Weiss' blade, but didn't like being restricted with a single weapon. So, when Signal allowed her, she forged her own weapon, taking great care in perfecting its design.

Weapon Abilities: The two daggers are incredibly durable and sharp to the touch, and are able to detach from the hilt, being held and thrown around by a lightweight, ultra-flexible wire that is incredibly tough, and can extend to great lengths. She can use them as a sort of dual kusarigama, or even as means of moving about the battlefield quicker, by attaching itself to something and whipping her way around. The Dust of course adds magical abilities, such as elemental damage, tangible runes for aerial combat, etc. Though, she has an affinity for Dust that can manipulate the air around her.

Misc. Info

Family: She has a mother and father, named Perrine and Jeane, respectively, who run a local Dust store.

Strengths and Weaknesses: Vera is very confident and head-strong, and because of her honesty and sometimes tactless personality, can sometimes be described as a natural leader. Though her over-confidence can turn to utter bravado, and she can get herself into situations that would be categorized under "Bit off more than you can chew." Tactless and blunt, her loud mouth often gets her into sticky situations, as well. On occasion, she can get very emotional in combat.

Other: She's a sucker for compliments, and will crawl into a proverbial shell if anyone compliments her, be it looks or fighting skills. She also has an eye for art, and will often sing or draw in her spare time. Vera is also pansexual.

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Looks good <^^>
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Veronique "Vera" Milian
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